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Kim Nelson is a life and health producer with Thomas & Farr and works in our Bastrop and Monroe offices. She is originally from Bastrop and is a graduate of Prairie View Academy. She attended Northeast Louisiana in Business Management and currently lives in Sterlington. Kim loves working with people and helping them with their insurance needs. Her philosophy about her job is "how my customers perceive me is reality, therefore, it is my primary goal to serve the needs and desires of all my customers. Their loyalty must be earned and that doesn't happen overnight, but the consistency of a strong customer service culture, is worth far more than any elaborate advertising piece."

Kim has been in the in the insurance business for over 15 years. She is a Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist for the individual health market and is very knowledgeable in Employee Benefits such as group health, dental, vision, cancer & accident. Medicare products, individual health, dental, vision, cancer and life are also in her wheelhouse of expertise. Feel free to call her for a quote today!

IRS sets 2016 Health Savings Contributions May 07, 2015

Health Savings Account Contribution limits for 2016 announced by IRS

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The deadline for applying for individual health insurance is fast approaching

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Late Cancer Dagnosis Most Likely in Uninsured March 02, 2014

Cancer patients ages 15 to 39 w/out health insurance are more likely to have had their cancer diagnosed at a later stage than those insured.

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Cost of Individual Mandate Fine March 02, 2014

The Cost of the fine for not complying with the law that requires everyone to buy health insurance is more than people think!

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Employer Mandate-50-99 FTE's Delayed Again March 02, 2014

Employers with fewer than 100 workers won’t have to provide health insurance until 2016 under Obamacare

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